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We are not a marketing agency.

We are not a SaaS company.

We build unique, bespoke solutions

for immersive fan experiences

that go beyond traditional

customer-brand interactions.

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She loves the band Vortex, so she gets there when the doors open. On her way in Gwen sees a QR code displayed on the stage and decides to scan it.

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Prove you were there!

The QR scan instantly rewards Gwen with a geolocation-restricted digital collectible, serving as proof that she was at the concert. Additionally, it unlocks a 20% discount on merchandise!

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Unlock a Discount

Gwen uses her discount to purchase a limited-edition T-shirt from the tour designed specifically for her city.

Rewards Programs

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Authenticate Unique Merchandise

After checkout, she scans the NFC tag embedded in the T-shirt to authenticate its uniqueness. This action enables her to claim an additional collectible that digitally proves her ownership.

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Exclusive Content & Superfan Access

This additional collectible unlocks exclusive behind-the-scenes clips from the making of Vortex’s new album! Gwen can now use these 2 collectibles to unlock access to a superfan-only storefront with VIP ticket upgrades, digital content, and more exclusive merchandise.

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Connecting Brands
with Fans like Gwen

After the concert, the promoter can view all the engagement data, and send out personalized invites for pre-sale tickets for upcoming concerts to the brand’s top superfans!

Rewards Programs

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Our solutions in three words


Empower fans to verify the authenticity of your merchandise with a simple tap and make your items impossible to counterfeit.


Amplify the value of merchandise with narratives - tell your story, build experiences, and create connections.


Connect with your fans and leverage momentum with tailored offerings, exclusive perks and rewards.

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